roots of gambling in religion and history

Roots of gambling in religion and history

Betting also known as gambling is basically staking something of value on an uncertain outcome in the hope to win more. In general, gambling is said to have three elements. These elements are a consideration, risk, and prize. Gaming companies are said to often give gambling legal; routes and these activities are often regulated by the gaming control boards. One such online platform is ibet789 Myanmar. Know roots of gambling in religion and its history.

Gambling over time has become a huge international activity. It has gained huge commercial success as well. Its legal market was up to $335 billion in 2009.


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Religious views on gambling

Many religions out there today don’t support gambling. Religions like Judaism have for long been frowning on gambling, they went as far as to disqualify gamblers from testing in court. So, here are the views of some of the religions on gambling:-


  1. Hinduism: – Hinduism in ancient times seems to have a liking for gambling as it is seen in the Mahabharata. However, many ancient texts such as Arthashastra suggested taxation and control of gambling.


  1. Christianity: – The views amongst the Christians are divided on this. Catholicism on one hand sees no moral grounds to go against gambling until and unless everything goes fairly and gambling is being done for entertainment purposes. Whereas on the other hand, in Protestantism views on gambling varies a lot.


  1. Islam: – In the Muslim world different interpretations of Islamic law exists. Gambling is seen as sinful or forbidden by the Islamic scholars.


  1. Bahá’í Faith: – According to its holy book, gambling is forbidden.


With the emergence of many online platforms like ibet789 mm gambling is becoming more prominent in the modern world.


History of gambling

The roots of gambling have been tracked down to the Paleolithic period. It has also been seen in countries like China where there is proof that gambling houses date back up to the first millennium BC. In the 9th century AD playing cards became a thing in China.

In Japan as well gambling is proved to have dated back to the 14th century. The first casino was in Venice, Italy.  For centuries now the gambling is a regional activity in Great Britain. It has been regulated although in Great Britain.

Gambling also has its grasp in The United States. This has been going on for centuries now. In many areas, it has been banned by the law. In the 20th century, gambling became illegal in the U.S. However, in the late 20th century, the laws surrounding gambling were relaxed in the United States.

From the religious point of view, gambling has still got a long way to go. History has also seen its own ups and downs on its perspective over gambling. There is still a need for acceptance of gambling which is slowly but steadily happening due to online platforms like ibet789.